Freelance Royalty Author and Consultant, Specialising in Imperial Russia.

Coryne Hall

Coryne Hall is an historian, broadcaster and consultant specialising in the Romanovs and British and European royalty. She was born in Ealing, West London and developed a fascination for Imperial Russia in childhood when she learnt that her great-grandmother was born in St Petersburg, an almost exact contemporary of Nicholas II. The author of many books, she is a regular contributor to Majesty magazine, The European Royal History Journal, Royal Russia, Sovereign and Royalty Digest Quarterly. She acted as consultant on the Danish television documentaries “A Royal Family” and “The Royal Jewels.”
Coryne has lectured at royalty conferences in England, Denmark, Russia and America. Her media appearances include Woman’s Hour, BBC South Today, the documentaries “Russia’s Lost Princesses” and "13 Moments of Fate", live coverage of Charles and Camilla’s wedding for Canadian television and co-hosting live coverage of Prince William’s wedding alongside John Moore for Newstalk 1010, Canada. She was also the last person to have a private audience with Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. She lives in Hampshire.

Coryne Hall
Author of:
Little Mother of Russia. A Biography of the Empress Marie Feodorovna 1847-1928 (Shepherd-Walwyn, 1999)
Once a Grand Duchess: Xenia, Sister of Nicholas II (with John Van der Kiste) (Sutton Publishing, 2002)
Imperial Dancer. Mathilde Kschessinska and the Romanovs. (Sutton Publishing, 2005)
Hvidøre. A Royal Retreat. (The holiday home of Queen Alexandra and the Dowager Empress of Russia. Rosvall Royal Books, Sweden, 2012)
Apapa. King Christian IX of Denmark and his descendants (with Arturo E Beéche) (Eurohistory 2014)
Princesses on the Wards. Royal Women in Nursing Through Wars and Revolutions. (The History Press, 2014)
The Romanovs (with Arturo E Beeche)
(Eurohistory 2017)

Princess Olga. A Wild & Barefoot Romanov. (With HH Princess Olga Romanov). (Shepheard-Walwyn 2017)

Imperial Crimea: Estates, Enchantment & the Last of the Romanovs (with Greg King, Penny Wilson & Sue Woolmans). CreateSpace, 2017. Available on Amazon.   
Contributor to:
The Grand Duchesses, (Eurohistory, 2004)
The Grand Dukes (Eurohistory, 2010)
The Other Grand Dukes (Eurohistory, 2012)
The Queen’s 80 Years (Majesty magazine, 2006)

Diana Remembered (Majesty magazine 2007)
The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (Majesty magazine 2012)

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Read the dramatic story of Nicholas II's mother, one of Russia's most loved figures, who lost everything most dear to her in the revolution - including her sons and five of her grandchildren.
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"To Free the Romanovs. Royal
Kinship & Betrayal in Europe,
1917-1919" will be published by
Amberley Publishing, Stroud,
on 15 June 2018.
Elizabeth. The Queen at 90. (Rex Publications, Majesty Magazine 2016)

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Read the story of the holiday home of Queen Alexandra and her sister Empress Marie
Feodorovna - and how the villa became the setting for the Russian court in exile after 1918.
Queens & Princesses in
wartime nursing, from the reign of Victoria to Elizabeth II.
Nicholas II's sister, who spent 40 years' exile in England.
The scandalous life of the ballerina who was mistress of 3 Grand Dukes, including the future Nicholas II.
The descendants of King
Christian IX of Denmark,
a true family of kings.

With over 600 photographs of the Romanovs from Nicholas I to Nicholas II.
Read my collaboration with the great-niece of Nicholas II, Princess Olga Romanoff.

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